EnginSoft is a consulting company operating in the field of computer aided engineering (CAE), virtual prototyping, advanced simulation (including mechanics, fluid-dynamics, acoustic analysis, fast dynamics and crash, process simulation, environmental engineering, and others), process integration and design optimization and, more generally, scientific IT targeted at the optimization of design and production processes.

Founded in 1984, today EnginSoft has 150 employees and 5 offices in Italy. EnginSoft gained the title of “research centre for numerical methods in engineering” acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

EnginSoft mission is to spread the culture of digital technologies to both production and research fields. EnginSoft pursues this challenge by offering:

  • engineering consultancy services;
  • provision of a range of off-the-shelf world-class CAE software and technical support;
  • development of specific CAE software tools;
  • training courses and higher education activities;
  • participation to research projects.

EnginSoft is a corporate member of NAFEMS, the International association for the engineering analysis aimed to promote the safe and reliable use of finite element and related technology, and is founding member of the NAFEMS italian group.

EnginSoft collaborates with other Italian research institutes in higher education activities: it is leading the TCN Consortium for Higher Education on Simulation Based Engineering and Sciences (http://www.consorziotcn.it) and the online e-learning initiative of the TCN Consortium (http://www.improve.it).

EnginSoft supports partner offices in various european countries (EnginSoft UK, EnginSoft France, EnginSoft Germany, EnginSoft Nordic, and Aperio for Spain and Portugal) and promotes worldwide the EnginSoft Partner Network whose primary goal is to help customers and interested parties to broaden their knowledge in computer aided engineering and optimization technologies.

For more information about the EnginSoft Partner Network activities and to contact the EnginSoft Partner office in your country please visit  http://www.enginsoft.com.