The acronym Nevesbu stands originally for Nederlandse Verenigde Scheepsbouw Bureaux, a company erected in 1935. This company acted as an engineering and drawing office for the Dutch yards aiming at export orders in the naval branch. As such Nevesbu worked not only for foreign navies, but all the vessels of the Royal Netherlands Navy passed the drawing boards of Nevesbu. With the ending of the cold war the naval activities decreased significantly and offshore projects became a major part of Nevesbu’s turnover. In the early 90’s a start has been made with the conversion of large crude carriers to Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO), followed by many projects on floating and fixed offshore structures. With the collapse of the holding company; Rotterdam Dockyard Company the existence of the original Nevesbu ended in bankruptcy in the year 2004.

Under the wing of IV-groep in Papendrecht the unique know-how of almost 70 years on submarines, frigates, corvettes, offshore platforms etcetera was preserved.

Nevesbu continues her activities in all these fields, although the world wide crisis has left its marks on all the areas. Being part of the IV-family Nevesbu participates in any project where additional manpower is required. For an overview of the projects under consideration reference is made to the website: