Geofem Ltd. is a small company that specialises in geotechnical finite element analysis. It is based in Cyprus but provides geotechnical analysis support services to the Civil & Construction industry sector throughout Europe and the Middle East. On the EASIT2 project Geofem represents the interests of the Civil & Construction sector as well as those of SMEs, companies that offer specialised sub-consultancy services to larger engineering organisations, and the engineering analysis community in Cyprus. While participating in all stages of the EASIT2 project, Geofem’s main role has been the coordination of the industry needs survey at the start of the project.

Geofem fully supports the objectives of the EASIT2 project because, as an SME, it is unable to invest in its own comprehensive system of defining, recording and developing analyst skills. Were such a system developed and made available on-line, which is one of the objectives of the EASIT2 project, this would be enormously beneficial to a small company like Geofem. A formal qualification in engineering analysis would also provide an incentive for analysts to develop their skills and would aid Geofem in its recruitment.