Educational Base

This Generic Educational Base consists of Statements of Competence in a range of topic areas including those listed below:

1. Finite Element Analysis
2. Mechanics, Elasticity and Strength of Materials
3. Materials for Analysis and Simulation
4. Fatigue
5. Flaw Assessment and Fracture Mechanics
6. Nonlinear Geometric Effects and Contact
7. Beams, Membranes, Plates and Shells
8. Dynamics and Vibration
9. Optimization
10. Plasticity
11. Computational Fluid Dynamics
12. Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour
13. Simulation Data Management
14. Buckling and Instability
15. Multi-physics
16. Composite Structures and Materials
17. Fundamentals of Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer
18. Creep and Time-Dependency
19. Multi-Scale Analysis
20. Probabilistic Analysis
21. Noise and Vibro Acoustics
22. Electromagnetics
23. Multi-body Dynamics