STOP PRESS … EASIT2 Outcome Released!

Notification has now been received from the EU funding body regarding EASIT and we wanted to share some of the positive comments received …

“All results have be produced to a higher specification … the project has exceeded expectations.”

“Dissemination and exploitation during the funded period was extensive …”

“The main learning results are very significant for the target audience … standards and competences which apply across industry and the EU have clearly been identified for the first time.”

“The marketing plan is well written and it is clear it has given project valorisation a clear sense of direction.”

“The website is a high-impact, professional-looking website … website statistics also confirm high levels of interest shown in the project.”

“Flyers, articles, press releases …. all considered to be of a high quality”.

“The projects raft of learning products is highly innovative”.

“The project has delivered quality products and new and exciting training and development opportunities …”

“It is clear that the results have the wide relevance that was originally intended as a result of the considerable involvement of the target group, domain experts, high profile organisations and partners in shaping the project outcomes”

“There is no doubt that the main learning and development products comply with current state of the art regarding vocational training …”.

“ … the Competence Framework is a professional looking software system for recording and managing individual and group competences”.

“Project dissemination has been the success story that was promised”.

“It is a strength that NAFEMS is uniquely placed as an international membership organisation and was able to disseminate to all areas of Europe and beyond”.

“The impending product launch at the NAFEMS World Congress will ensure the project results are promoted to relevant decision makers and receive the high profile attention they deserve”.

“ … they offer something entirely new by defining for the first time in a comprehensive manner vocational skills in engineering analysis and simulation which are applicable to all major industry sectors.”

“The contribution is potentially significant as the project results are uniquely positioned in the market place. No comparable provision currently exists and the contribution to EU policies …”.

We, the Project Partners, are extremely proud of the project and its deliverables and we wanted to share the excellent comments received from the EU.

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