First Webinar in the EASIT2 Series Announced

Key Challenges for Simulation/Analysis in the Aero Industry: The Growing Importance of Competence Management by Jean Francois Imbert on 28th October 2011


From the FEA infancy in the 1960’s, Simulation and Analysis industrial relevance and recognition has continuously grown, especially in the aerospace sector. In the last two decades, engineering practice has been progressively moving from a test and experience based design to simulation-based design. Indeed,  an efficient integration of simulation in the product design and development is  bringing a clear competitive advantage with  the following potential business benefits :

  • Lead time reduction
  • Improved and earlier performance optimization
  • Development cost reduction (e.g. on physical testing) or cost avoidance
  • First time right design (e.g. no costly late redesigns)….

However there  is a considerable challenge  to fully cash these benefits in the present context of globalization  and massive technological  innovation. Among key success factors is  the implementation of Competence Management, a mandatory condition to ensure robust simulation processes in the whole supply chain.

The presentation identifies key challenges and  trends in the aero industry. It highlights the growing importance of simulation management in the context of an increasing role of simulation in the aircraft design and certification. Finally competence management needs in the aero sector are presented.

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